Your Basic Jewelry Collection Made Easy

jewlerycollectionWhenever you are getting ready to go out, your clothing is the first item on your list to prepare, then your shoes, and then accessories. This procedure can be lots of fun if the place you are going is a special night out, a wedding, or some other interesting event and you have a little extra time to linger over your selections.

The times that can take the fun out of getting dressed are the daily routine of heading out to work or when some unexpected outing comes up and you have to make some quick wardrobe decisions. When you just are not in the mood to be picky or in you are in a great hurry, these are the times when you will appreciate having these basic necessary jewelry items at your disposal.

There are certain

Ways To Maintain The Beauty Of White Gold Jewelry

whitegoldjewelWhite gold is very attractive. However, this kind of gold is no different than the other gold except that it is alloyed with white metals. But white golds natural finish is not really as sparkling as silver and platinum but is somewhat dull white. Its brilliance is due to a thin layer of rhodium plating.

Therefore, in order to maintain the beauty of white gold jewelry, our aim is to keep rhodium plating from wearing off too soon. Here are some simple tips to maintain the rhodium plating in your white gold jewelries.

Remember to remove all your white gold jewelries when using harmful chemicals.

Remove white gold rings when using bleach or detergent soaps that may contain harsh chemicals. Dishwashing liquids may also contain strong cleansing agents that can damage the rhodium plating on your

Diamond Bracelet – Personify The Beauty Of Your Wrist

diabraIn your lovely and fragile wrist nothing may be extra deserving than a diamond bracelet. The elegance and style of a bracelet would simply increase the complete splendor and allure of your respective individuality with a glitter. A lady dressed elegantly with jewelry could feel that something’s missing on her; well certainly it’s got to become a bracelet with diamonds studded on it. The bracelet would exponentially greatly enhance the beauty of the full attire that she’s putting on. Something’s just won’t be able to be substituted well a single among them is often a bracelet which sparkles and glorifies the great thing about a woman. So far as kinds of bracelets are concerned you’ll find tennis bracelets, chain bracelets, vogue bracelets and so forth and so forth. With this kind

How to Detect a Fake Diamond

Most people need to buy a diamond at some point. It can be a huge investment. One may also find oneself wondering about jewelry that one inherits. How do you really know what that shiny, expensive particle is, and what it’s worth? According to Liberty Coin and Currency of Portland, OR, there are some cases in which you will need to consult with an expert; nevertheless, there are basic tests that you can apply right at home.

First, you’ll need to find a loupe, a gemologist’s magnifying glass. Jewelry stores sell them.

Look for imperfections

Carefully seek out inclusions. While real diamonds tend to have microscopic embedded carbon particles in their structure, fake stones made of glass or cubic zirconia will have none.

In some cases, you will see real diamonds that are perfect. Usually, these are lab-grown. If you suspect that a

How to Identify a Fake Diamond Ring

Identifying a genuine diamond from a fake, unless you are an expert jeweller or certified gemmologist, can prove a difficult task, especially in 2016; with so many faked diamonds diluting the market and modern technology enabling the creation of some pretty stunning fakes, it can prove far too easy to be dazzled into buying a dud. Then, what can a person or collector do to avoid forking out for a fake?

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to tell a real diamond from a fake that everybody should know about before parting with their cash, and here are just five of them.

  1. The Breath Test

Real diamonds are created miles down within the earth’s mantle where the temperature and pressure are so high that this results in the diamond being one of the hardest natural materials known to man. But how does this help somebody shopping

5 Reasons To Accessorise With Antique Jewellery

Jewellery is the perfect way of accessorising any outfit, there’s no question about it. Even the simplest of looks can be nicely complimented by selecting the right jewellery.

However, if your jewellery box is mainly made up of more contemporary styles of jewellery then it might be time to start looking for something with a unique difference.

Although you might not be experienced in purchasing antique jewellery, there are actually a number of advantages associated with antique pieces which could make it the perfect way of accessorising your outfit!


One of the biggest reasons as to why you might want to look at styling your look with antique jewellery is due to the fact that it is extremely unique, and in fact, no one piece is the same!

Also due their antique nature and being hand-made (depending on the period in which

Vintage Vs Antique Jewellery: What’s the Difference?

For many people, terms like vintage and antique seem to get banded around without any real meaning other than to describe something which is old.

However, vintage and antique have very distinctive and important meanings when it comes to establishing the quality, period and age of something.

These terms are used across a number of different industries to help group products. For example, in jewellery, there could be at least 50 years’ difference between it and an antique piece.

If you have considered buying jewellery which has either of these terms attached, it is vital that you know exactly what you are buying. To make things crystal clear, here are the differences between Vintage and Antique Jewellery.


The term vintage is attributed to different industries and means different ages in each. For example, a vintage car must be at least 20-30 years

Sparkling Glass Beads for Decoration

Glass beads have been popular from many decades ago to be used as decoration. In ancient culture, glass beads are used for many purposes. The beads are used for currency, decoration and even considered as the genius artwork at that time. It is reasonable because glass beads are actually beautiful. It is usually clear. But, some of them get the hint of colors in its design. Some of glass beads are even ‘painted’ inside and get the inside part of its body to be colored in a particular pattern. In ancient people, the skill of ‘painting’ inside the glass is rare. However, technology has improved its functions and also its style.

Nowadays, the modern glass beads are mostly used for being a decoration. Some people also use this as toys. There are many kinds of glass beads, from the unbranded to the branded one. The quality, sturdiness and beauty of its